The Centre Research & Industry

Acting Coordinator: Dr. Alessandro Schena, IFAC


Area di ricerca del CNR di Firenze


The National Council of Research, CNR, is the leading public research organization in Italy.

Since 90 years (1923) is carrying out an activity of primary interest for the advancement of science and progress of the Country, with the aims to promote, spread, transfer and enhance the research outcomes, in the main knowledge sectors and their applications, for the scientific, technological, economic and social development of the Country.

The Centre Research & Industry is an Enterprise Support Service initiative of CNR, founded in 2013 by the Institutes of the CNR Florence Research Area with the instrumental support by the Tuscany Region, in the frame of the Tuscany regional network for innovation.

The Centre Research & Industry offers a qualified access to public research for technology transfer and innovation to the enterprises.



The Centre operates through the following tools:

  • Technology shop to establish collaborations and to provide qualified services;

  • Joint projects at regional, national and international level;

  • High technology training.

The Centre aims to enhance the research and technology outcomes of the CNR Institutes of Florence, with about 500 research employees in the CNR Florence Research Area site in Sesto (FI), and about 100 more in the Florence city.

The Centre is also an access gate to the entire CNR national network, made out of 107 Institutes with about 8000 employees, researchers, technicians and administration officers.